Our donation wish list

Keeping our heritage and education centres open and our organziation active.

We are faced with a gap of about $ 6,000 until spring 2023, when the new round of local support and income from our centers will come in again. Most pressing is the final payment (December 31) for a loan we had to take to pre- and co-finance our international World War I Heritage and Education project NETWORLD. More details about this below.

How to donate

Donations in the Netherlands are tax-deductible for the Dutch tax since the Society is registered as a ANBI from another EU Country. We do not have such arrangements with other EU countries yet. However, if you are considering a larger donation that has to be tax-deductible, please contact us directly at dulfer (at) rozmberk dot org and we will contact the tax authorities in your country to see if we can register there as well.

If tax-deductibility is not a blocking issue, below are our bank details for a simple one-time or regular bank transfer. Inside the EU, this can be done through so-called SEPA transfers between two EURO accounts. These transfers are both quick and very cheap.


Donation through internet banking (only inside the EU, using SEPA transfer)


Our EURO (€) account

Account Holder: Spolecnost Rozmberk o.p.s.

IBAN: CZ29 0800 0000 0020 7361 7203

BIC/Swift code: GIBA CZ PX

Bank: Ceska sporitelna as. Svobody 1024, 379 01 Trebon, Czech Republic




Further details

With project funding for most EU projects, we have to pre- and co-finance our projects with help of bank loans. We have such a loan for the EU Danube Transnational Programme project NETWORLD, on WWI Heritage Preservation and Education. Due to the COVID pandemic and later the war in Ukraine, we had serious income losses over 2020 and especially 2021 and 2022. Many local sponsors and private donors had met financial restrictions as well, further reducing our income. As result, the loan for the NETWORLD project had to be extended to December 2022. All our income and financial reserves (including proivate) have been used to repay the last installments of this loan and keep our Society running. AS a result, we also cannot participate in new projects and had to restrict our cultural activities, further limiting our income.

Most entrepreneurs or cultural institutions are elligible for support under the COVID pandemic laws. Unfortunateluy, according the Czech law, as a non-prfit we are not eligible for any support, neither cultural support nor entrepreneur support. All the losses due to the pandemic therefore have to be covered by income through donations.

In addition, we had an accident with our car, and do not have the financial reserves to pay for this. We need this car to service our communities since public transport in this region has very bad connections. Also, this car is used now to help with logisitcs for Ukraine refugees, so we need it back on the road asap.

We therefore are in desperate need of donations to help us repaying the loan and repairing our car.


First World War Exhibition

As part of the Interreg Danube project NETWORLD, the museum openend a new exhibition on the impact of World War I on the local communities. The exhibition completes the historic developments from the first failed revolution against the Hapsburg Emperor in 1848 to the Czech Independence in 1918. Part of the exhibition includes educational materials for schools which will be encouraged to visit the museum and include emgiration to the USA and the First Wirld War in their visit. Unfortunately, a large part of the exhibition has to be paid from our own sources, as must the new edcuation materials.


Donating goods and bequests

If you want to donate goods or provide a bequest, please contact our director Robert Dulfer directly at phone # 00 420 724 132 180 or at rd (at) ekomuzeum dot cz


In appreciation of your support